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We are pleased to offer a special set of  Thirteen (13) LARGE swatches of our  Premium Quality Interfacings.

The Swatch Set includes 
Thirteen (13)  large 7-inch wide x 12"-15" long pieces of :

  1. Pro-WEFT Supreme LIGHT Fusible Interfacing
  2. Pro-WOVEN Fusible SHIRT-CRISP Interfacing 
  3. Pro-Woven Fusible SUPER-CRISP Interfacing 
  4. Pro-SHEER Elegance LIGHT Fusible Interfacing
  5. Pro-Woven Fusible Light Crisp Fusible Interfacing
  6. Pro-TRICOT Deluxe Fusible Interfacing
  7. Pro-Weft Supreme MEDIUM-weight Fusible Interfacing
  8. Pro-Tailor Classic "Sew-in" Hair Cloth/Canvas
  9. Pro-Tailor Classic Fusible Hair Cloth/Canvas
  10. Pro-Woven "Superior Sew-in" Lightly Crisp Interfacing
  11. Pro-Woven "Superior Sew-in" Lightly Soft Interfacing 
  12. Pro-SHEER Elegance MEDIUM Fusible Interfacing
  13. Pro-Sheer Elegance Couture Fusible Interfacing 

The interfacing swatches are large enough to test on a variety of fabrics. Each piece is clearly labeled, and the set comes with complete detailed instructions.

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